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Make yours the kind of office where people want to work. Better wellness means better health, productivity, and happiness – everything you’d want for your team. Choose a Totally Well card and spread the message of self-care. With nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and self-care treatments from leading brands, Totally Well offers a dose of wellness that everyone can enjoy.

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Introducing the first Wellness Gift-Card. One Card, Total Wellness.

The caring gift card

Totally Well is the only card to focus on self-care. You can put the potential for wellness into the recipient’s hands, helping them to thrive, not just survive.

Healthy rewards

Mental health in the workplace has never been so important, and Totally Well is the perfect gift-card to restore your team’s sparkle.

Wellness, their way

With nutrition, exercise, sleep aids, self-care and relaxation treatments from leading brands. Totally Well offers a dose of wellness that everyone can enjoy.

Tax-free employer gifting

A thoughtful gift card is better than cash because it creates a positive memory and you can gift your staff up to £50 tax-free with Trivial Benefits.


Corporate enquiries

If you have any questions about the Totally Well gift-card, just get in touch with our friendly team via the contact form below.

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