One card, total wellness

Our quality wellness brands offer ways to help everybody feel well. Your way could be a workout that works, a vitamin boost, or a deep tissue de-stress. Simply register your card and then choose where you want to spend it.


How it works


Step One:


Set up your account, then use the code on your card to add credit to your account.

Step Two:

Choose & Exchange

Browse our edit of the best wellness brands. Do you already have a favourite? Maybe you’ll try something new? From the brand page, add to your basket and then “buy” a voucher with your Totally Well credit.

yoga yoga
yoga yoga

Step Three:


We will email you the voucher code so that you can enjoy shopping directly with the brand you’ve chosen.



Yes; you will need to register your card and create an account in order to spend your credit. It’s a good idea to register your card as soon as you receive it, because we’ll keep your credit safe until you are ready to use it. Visit Totally Well and click on “Register”. You will be prompted to add the code on your gift card to add credit. You can choose when you’re ready to exchange that credit for a brand voucher.

Your Totally Well gift card will expire 12 months after purchase. But most people we know won’t want to hold onto it for that long! So get browsing: you have 12 months to exchange your credit for a brand voucher. After this, remaining funds will be removed (we will email you to give you notice before this happens).

Our wellness brands have specified their own T&Cs on expiration, so please check these on our Brand pages.

After registering and adding the code on your Totally Well card, your balance will appear at the top-right of your screen (when you’re logged in). If you’re on a mobile or you can’t see it, log in and tap on My Account – your balance and transactions will be there.

No. Once you’ve registered an account and added credit, it will appear as a balance on the My Account screen. Then you can choose how much to exchange with which brands. For example, you could request a £25 HelloFresh voucher and a £25 PIKT voucher from a £50 balance. Feel free to spend your balance with several brands to try some new ideas, or indulge in one mega voucher with your absolute favourite!

Need more information?

If you have any questions about the Totally Well gift-card, your account, or your purchases, just get in touch with our friendly team.


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