Green Chef

Green Chef

Green Chef is a recipe box kit offering five core, nutritionist-approved dietary preferences:

- Keto (Super low-carb with leafy greens, lean meat and dairy)

- Lower Carb (Fresh, satisfying dishes that are lower carb & simple to cook) - Flexitarian (Meat, fish, and vegetarian options for a healthy lifestyle)

- Vegan (Plant-based dishes rich in fibre, minerals and nutrients)

- Vegetarian (Tasty fusion dishes with high-quality dairy, leafy greens, and plant protein)

Choose from a variety of new recipes each week to fit your lifestyle. Receive quality ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, with most dinners ready in 30 minutes or less. You get the right portion size, carbs, protein, fats and calories to eat in line with your health goals.

Planning a healthy meal every day can be tiring, particularly with dietary requirements. That’s why we love Green Chef, cook yourself a nutrionally-balanced feast with ease – Green Chef is a certified organic company, and offers meal plans suitable for specific dietary needs, including keto, paleo, and plant-based.

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The customer’s card may be charged a £1.00 fee to confirm funds, but it will be refunded within 7-10 business days. This gift card cannot be redeemed or combined with other offers. If the customer chooses a larger box than the gift card is worth, the customer will be charged the difference on their personal credit or debit card. If the customer selects an extra meal outside of the plan size they are entitled to through the gift card, they will be charged for the additional meal on their personal credit or debit card. All changes to an order must be made 4 days before the selected delivery date. For all orders after the first box, a shipping fee of £3.99 will be charged to the customer's card - even if there is sufficient credit on the account. Once redeemed you will be signed up to a flexible rolling weekly subscription. Cancellation deadline and order deadline (4 days before delivery is due). Valid for UK residents only (including Jersey, Guernsey & Isle of Man), excluding Scottish Highlands & Islands

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